How to fix macOS Big Sur that Won’t Start Up

My Mac won’t Boot, How do I Recover Files?

Some of the most common issues that are primarily responsible for macOS Big Sur not booting are:

Corrupt Big Sur Startup Disk

macOS Big Sur Start-up drive gets corrupted due to a hardware problem such as bad sectors, physical damages. Otherwise, the file system of the boot drive has failed miserably making the macOS go dead.

How to Fix Corrupt Mac Drive? Run Disk Utility (First-Aid/Repair) through Mac OS X Utilities (Command + R)

Kernel Panic disallowing macOS Big Sur Booting

Primary causes that are responsible for kernel panic disallowing while booting the macOS Big Sur are installed applications that have been developed or written poorly, add-ons, incompatible drivers, plug-ins, and internal software components.

How to Fix Kernel Panic? Uninstall any recently installed driver, software or update

Failed Power Supply

A dead or defective battery in MacBook Pro can be one of the culprits for giving Mac non-booting errors.

How to Fix Power Supply? Arrange proper supply to a MacBook Pro. Let the Apple Notebook fully charge itself before usage.

Bad RAM Problem

On the newer Macs, a small blinking sequence of light at the StartUp can indicate this problem.

How to Fix RAM? Replace / Reinstall RAM on your Mac

White / Grey Screen of Death

White or Grey Screen of Death error is a common reason ‘why a Mac won’t Startup properly’. To solve the grey and white screen error in macOS Big Sur, try these tricks:

How to Fix Death Screen? Try

  • Run Disk Utility to repair start-up drive
  • Run Mac in Safe Boot
  • Reset the NVRAM and PRAM Settings
  • Using macOS terminal in Single User Mode

Detailed Explanation

Recover All Data before Fixing a non booting macOS Once the macOS won’t boot properly, all the data stored in the hard drive becomes inaccessible for the end user. To resolve this issue and regain access to macOS Big Sur; the best possible solution is to use an advanced professional Mac data recovery software.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac Software can be used to recover the file stored on Mac hard drive and regain access to videos, pictures and other documents. This macOS recovery tool also provides a Recovery Drive option to start a non-booting Mac properly and then run the data recovery tool.

Software Applicable for: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini

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