We all know how important a Solid State Drive is to a Mac system. In fact, all the newer Macs are configured with an SSD instead of a hard drive. The configuration of an SSD on Mac provides performance edge, robustness and uninterrupted speed that a traditional disk drive couldn’t offer. SSDs are costly, and they also offer fewer spaces as compared to hard drives which are why Apple provides series of Mac system configured with Fusion drives (SSD+HDD) that can provide speed and space simultaneously.

Do SSDs fail quickly as compared to Hard Drives?

Not in general. A Solid State Drive has a longer life as compared to a hard drive since SSDs doesn’t have a magnetic tape similar to hard drives. Rather, SSDs have chips mounted to them which store your data on a Mac.

Are SSDs more prone to data losses?

Again No. A SSD is as safer or as vulnerable to data loss on a Mac. It will depend hugely on how data is handled on a SSD.