Recover data from missing volumes?

Missing or lost Mac volumes primarily results in critical data loss situations. The data stored in the volume is lost when your system volume goes missing. For complete recovery of system volume(s) under such circumstances, you need to use advanced Mac Data Recovery application.

Note: Volumes in a Macintosh hard drive can be lost due to partition table damage, metadata structure corruption, accidental deletion, malware infection and more.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is an automated tool that scans your physical hard drive, locates the lost/missing/deleted logical volumes and then recovers them. After recovering the missing hard drive volumes, you can further scan them for recovering your lost files. This read-only tool ensures safe recovery of missing HFS+, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and DVD recovery. Compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12 and below versions, the software is built with highly graphical user interface.

Below are the steps that recover your lost data after repartitioning hard drive:
    • Step 1

Select Hard Drive

    • Step 2

Scan Hard Drive for Volume

    • Step 3

Performing Advance Scan