Recover Data from External Hard Drive failing to mount on macOS Sierra

With the help of a Mac data recovery software, mentioned below a user can recover complete data from the unrecognized or inaccessible macOS hard drive. 


Many macOS users’s around the world faced, “external hard drive/flash drive not mounting or recognized””. This problem has occurred mostly when the user has upgraded from a below version of macOS to the latest macOS Sierra 10.12. Furthermore, an external hard drive may possess a troubled file system due to which the same gets failed to mount/recognize on macOS Sierra.

The solution to the external hard drive not recognized and failing to mount on macOS Sierra could be possible resolved either by updating the firmware of the external hard drive including drivers. Secondly, reinstalling macOS Sierra 10.12 could also help you resolve the problem and access the external hard drive comfortably on macOS.

Repair External Drive with Disk Utility

If the external hard drive appears in the Disk Utility, but not on the macOS desktop, then you need to click on the “First Aid” and repair the external drive connected to the Mac. If the external drive file-system is not being recognized by the macOS, then you need to format it either using HFS+ or EXFAT file system. 

Note: Disk Utility is able to repair minor corruption and this could possibly resolve the problem of external hard drive not mounting (recognized) on macOS Sierra.

Data Recovery from Unrecognized External Hard Drive

If an external hard drive goes unrecognized (or unmounted) then all the videos, files, images, audio and other data stored on the hard drive become inaccessible. In such cases, a professional macOS Sierra Mac External Hard Drive Recovery Software comes useful, which recovers the complete data from external hard disk.


About Mac Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software is fully macOS Sierra version 10.12 compatible recovery tool to recover any type of file or folder from external macOS hard drive. This data recovery software lets user recover inaccessible videos, audios, photos, documents, email etc. The software recovers data from any external hard drive with HFS, APFS, and HFS+ file format system. EXFAT, FAT and NTFS file system is also supported with this software.

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