Undelete Mac Files from Trash

You might hit your ‘Command + Delete’ key by accident or prematurely empty the Trash only to realize that you have lost an important piece of information on your Mac. File deletion can happen to you anytime and manifest itself different ways. With Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery V7.1, undeleting lost files from trash is just a matter of few clicks. The software can undelete virtually any picture files, videos, documents, applications and music file type in various instances of data loss as shown below.

Scenarios that prompt you to undelete files from your trash:

  • Unintentionally emptying the Trash containing some important files, documents, photos, etc.
  • File loss due to formatting or resizing your Mac hard drive
  • Files deleted by ‘Delete Immediately’ option
  • Files deleted by Terminal command line i.e. sudo-rm etc.
  • Formatting your corrupt or inaccessible USB, pen drives, or external hard drive
  • Backup Files mistakenly deleted by Time Machine application. Read more about
  • Intentional file deletion from a commonly shared storage
  • Files deleted from external hard drive storages
  • File loss due to deadly virus, malware or malicious third-party disk cleaners

Can I undelete the files that I deleted permanently from the Trash?

Yes, you can recover all the permanently deleted files from your Trash and in all the above mentioned situations of data loss. All you need to do is download Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery and start recovering your deleted files and data. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is an efficient Mac undelete software that helps you recover deleted files with their original names.

I have lost some files from my Boot Camp partition on Mac. Can I undelete these files with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery?

Yes. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery supports undeleting files on your NTFS-formatted Windows Boot Camp partition.

I have deleted a partition on my FAT-based USB drive. Can I use this software to undelete the entire lost partition?

Yes. The software can recover lost or deleted partitions on any FAT-formatted storage media.

Can I recover files deleted from Mac based external hard disk drives?

Of Course, with this Mac undelete file software, you can easily restore all deleted files from a HFS, FAT, NTFS based external hard disk drives.

How to Undelete Mac files using Stellar Mac Undelete Software?

The software is very useful in any case of Mac file loss. The simple, user-friendly interface allows you to undelete files without any hassle. Just follow the steps given below to undelete files using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery:

Deleted File Recovery Steps with Screenshots

Step 1:

From the Interface, select Mac hard drive and click on ‘Deleted Recovery

Mac undelete files

Step 2:

The Undelete file software scans hard drive for deleted files

trash recovery Mac software

Step 3:

Once scan is completed, software lists all files that can be recovered. Double click a file preview. Click Recover button to save files.

Recover deleted Mac files

How to Save the Recovered Files?

After all the deleted files are recovered, check-mark the individual files or folders, specify the location (Destination folder, where you want to save the recovered files) to save, and then click ‘Recover’ button to save them all.

*Download the free trial version to scan & preview all the lost files and folder.