Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

Mac hard drive formatting is a process to restructure your hard drive to save new data. Formatting is usually performed when your hard drive gets corrupted due to metadata structure damage, bad sectors, software conflicts, file system corruption, virus infections. An inbuilt tool that allows you to perform the formatting process in Mac OS X is “Disk Utility“. All the formally saved files and folders in the Mac hard drive are erased after you run this utility. For complete recovery of data after formatting process, you need to opt for advanced Mac Data Recovery software.

Note: For systematic recovery of data, it is advisable not to store any new data on the formatted hard drive.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a powerful and user-friendly Mac Recovery application that ensures absolute recovery of data from formatted Mac hard drives. The read only software provides safe, robust and effective Mac Data Recovery from formatted hard drives. Built with highly graphical user interface, the software is easy to understand without prior Mac data recovery experience. Below are the steps that you need to follow to recover your lost data:

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*Download the free trial version to scan & preview all the lost files and folder.