Bootable DVD – Mac Data Recovery

Are you facing the situation where your Mac computer does not boot up due to one or more of the following situations?

  • MBR corruption
  • Root file system corruption
  • Boot volume header corruption
  • Boot loader corruption
  • Operating system corruption
  • System file corruption

An unbootable Mac operating system primarily results in inaccessibility of data saved on Mac hard drive. Few possible reasons for an unbootable Mac operating system are discussed below:

  • File System corruption
  • Software installation
  • Mac OS X upgradation
  • Virus Infection

In most cases of unbootable volume, you encounter an error message stating the cause and resolution. Few error messages that you might encounter are discussed below:

  • File system dirty, run fsck
  • Volume needs repair
  • 127 error disk could not used/found
  • Overlapped Extent Allocation

To overcome all the above error messages, you need to have a bootable DVD that can boot your Mac operating system and completely recover your data.

To create Boot DVD of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software, you need the following:

  • A blank DVD
  • DVD Writer
  • Any working Mac system
  • 650 MB free disk space

You can create the boot DVD by following these steps:

  • Download Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software Bootable DVD and save it to desired location.
  • Insert a blank DVD in the DVD Writer drive.
  • Click Go -> Utilities and select Disk Utility to open the Disk Utility Window
  • Click On Image and select Burn. It will open Select Image to Burn dialog box.
  • Navigate and select the file which you have downloaded.
  • Click Burn.
  • After successfully burning the DVD, use it on your affected Mac computer and perform efficient Mac Data Recovery.
  • With Stellar Phoenix Boot DVD, you can simply boot your system by following these simple steps:
    • Insert Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Boot DVD in DVD drive and restart your computer.
    • Press C key to boot your system from DVD.
    • The License Agreement screen of the software will appear.
    • Click I Agree button and you will get into Recovery Options screen of the software

Note: The bootable DVD is primarily used in case of corrupted laptops where you can not remove your hard drive from the laptop.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a powerful and user-friendly Mac Recovery application that ensures absolute recovery of data from formatted Macintosh hard drives. The read only software provides safe, robust and effective Mac Data Recovery from formatted hard drives. The software comes in with a bootable DVD that allows you to boot your system and then recover your lost data.

*Download the free trial version to scan & preview all the lost files and folder.