Free Mac Data Recovery Software – A Short Introduction

Data loss is a tense situation for anyone and it can occur at the most inconvenient of times. Accidental deletion due to human error or disk reformatting have always been the two leading causes for data loss. Other main reasons include hardware failure, software crashes, virus attacks, etc.

Your first line of defense against such mishaps is to regularly backup your data. This way, even if something bad were to happen to your storage device, your data will remain safe.

But what about the scenarios where data was lost without a backup? 

For such situations, a data recovery software comes to the rescue. This software recovers your data from one or many loss scenarios.

Free and paid data recovery software

Data care companies usually release their data recovery software in free or/and paid variants. Both the variants differ in features and as the name suggests, the free version comes for free and the paid version needs purchase. People usually go for free version if they wish to recover only a limited amount of data. For recovery of unlimited data, you can purchase the paid version. In this post, we will talk about the Free Data recovery software for Mac systems.  

Free Data Recovery software for Mac systems

There are several open source data recovery software which are completely free of cost. They can recover files, videos, audios and other types of files from your Mac systems. Many open source software such as PhotoRec or TestDisk, however, require technical knowledge as they run on command lines and you should have a know-how to operate a software with command lines. 

There are many data recovery software which are offered by professional data care companies. These tools have user friendly interface and they are built keeping ordinary users in mind. These data care companies usually build free and paid variants of the same software. One such company is Stellar Data Recovery which offers a free data recovery software variant.  

The Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac software allows you to scan, preview and recover up to 1 GB of data. It is a DIY software, with a sleek interface which even recover encrypted data. Plus, it offers multi-level of scans and preview-while-scan feature. Download the free software from the link here.


After downloading the software, watch this video for a software demo.

Note: For unlimited recovery of data, you need to purchase the paid version of Stellar Data Recovery. You can also explore the features of free and paid versions of Stellar Data Recovery software for Mac in the link here.