I forgot to transfer the photos from the memory card and formatted it. I was really feeling low, as there were the photos of the entire engagement ceremony of my cousin. It is Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery that brought the data back. Luckily I have not tried any other software and even the demo of the software showed all the folders in the formatted memory card. I just purchased the software and recovered everything as it was. Thanks Stellar for this awesome utility.

Ross Hugh

Before selling off my old desktop, I burned few important data in a Sony DVD. I don't know, what happened, when I checked the same after days, it didn't open. The disc was showing 3.8 GB data, but was not opening. Surfing the web for an hour or two, I got to know about Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery can recover inaccessible data from DVD's as well. What a utility! Recovered everything from the DVD to my laptop in just one go.

Adriana Schumacher

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery has saved my data AND my reputation! Having attended a conference, I promised my images and Quicktime movies to the organization at no cost to them, but in the spirit of good will. I was a little too anxious in processing my files and in my haste, I put all of the data into one file. Then, having thought I\'d copied the files to an external drive and to DVDs, I dragged the original file to the trash and promptly emptied it. Unfortunately, the files were not copied to the external drive (user error!) and the DVDs were unreadable (again - user error!). I bought your product and was able to recover EVERY file. AMAZING! Thank you for this product - it would be a bargain at any price but at the current special price - it\'s an excellent value and I highly recommend it.

Susanne York

I inadverently lost 4 years of photographs when the Mac Time Machine reformatted the wrong HDD. Your competitors produced next to nothing. Your product returned 44,000 records - including all of my RAW images intact What else could I ask - I\'m impressed!

SAndrew Webb

I wanted to thank you so much for the help that your support provided over the past two days. I was able to recover all of my data. Most importantly a large project I would not have been able to recreate in time for my presentation. Your support staff was very patient and helped through a very stressful time. Thank you very much.

Pat Hunter

My wife has been logging the sayings of our 7 grandchildren for the past 8 years. Recently, when I upgraded her operating system to 10.3.9 that file was on her desktop and had not been backed up. We thought if was gone forever. Needless to say, we were distraught. Thanks to you and your wonderful Stellar Mac Data Recovery I found it and successfully recovered it. A great value and the ease of its use is remarkably easy and seamless for the non-GEEK type such as me.
You are to be commended. You saved a 41 year marriage.

Captain Frey

I have a 1TB drive in 2 partitions that wouldn\'t mount. The computer said the drive was unreadable and needed to be initialized. Disk Utility and Disk Warrior were of no help. They both saw the drive as a single 1TB drive which I couldn\'t access. Then here comes Phoenix. It located the missing volumes and so far, all the data that was on the drive. I\'m in the middle of two important projects and not all the files were backed up yet. I am impressed.

Jan Fairchild

I´m happy with about 70% of damaged files was back to life. I working with Quicktime movies, they did not going back to 100% normal QT useable ***.mov files. I needed another refine work at Apples Compressor. So now I´m happy with the job. Keep on your good working folks. Have a nice day!


The free trial, where a prospective customer can see exactly what your product can do, is brilliant! There is no question, really, about what the program can do. Of course, some files may not be recoverable, but the scope of the program's efforts is quite clear. Other products claim to be able to recover files from a disk that is damaged, but in reality do not even try. Thank you for a wonderful product that recovered irreplaceable files from a hard disk that would not even mount. I hope I never have to use your product again (I back things up much better now!), but I derive a lot of comfort from knowing I have it if I need it.


The product was installed and run by the Pros at All City Computer in Manhattan Beach. I thought that I would never see the photos that I lost in iphoto and the product that All City installed from you found the majority of photos.


I just bought your software and it really saved me. My original external drive was formatted for mac files then I accidently partitioned it for PC format today. That is when I lost all my files and data. Fortunately with your program it rescued them. As per your instructions I copied the rescued files to a new external hard drive.


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