Drive Recovery


With the 'Drive Recovery' option of the software, you can recover all your valuable data which have been lost due to accidental deletion, media formatting, corruption or deletion of the volumes..


Photo Recovery


The 'Photo Recovery' option of the software helps you recover all your precious photos, music, and video files, which have been lost because of media corruption, formatting, and accidental deletion.


CD/DVD Recovery


This newly added option of the software is helpful in recovering your lost or inaccessible movies, songs, images, video clips, and data from physically damages CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc.


iPod Recovery


With the 'iPod Recovery' option of the software, you can recover your lost photos, pod-casts, music, video and other multimedia files from iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle.


Raw Recovery


'Raw Recovery' is an advanced option to recover Mac data, when you fail to recover your lost or inaccessible files, using the 'Quick Recovery' option. This powerful option of the software performs a file signature based search which has a greater chance of recovering the lost data.


Recovery from NTFS Drives/Volumes


You may face data loss at any time from the Windows Boot Camp partition on your Mac. The software is a must-have for all Mac users having Windows Boot Camp partition on their drives, as the tool also supports recovering data from NTFS formatted drives or volumes. If you have experienced data loss on any NTFS partition in Mac, the tool comes handy to give you the best shot at retrieving all files that were earlier residing on this partition.