How to Recover Mac Data from Toshiba Canvio Hard Drive?

Summary: Have you ever deleted videos, music, pictures or any other data from the Toshiba Canvio hard drive? No worries if you have since the Toshiba Canvio hard drive Mac data recovery software mentioned in this article will help you to recovers deleted or lost files from the Toshiba Canvio storage media.Before, we start let’s give you a basic introduction about Toshiba Canvio hard drive. Similar to any other modern hard disk manufacturers, like Hitachi, Samsung, etc, Toshiba hard drive is quite popular for data storage. Also, they can be used for backing up all the important videos, audio, music files on Mac OS. However, at the same time due to the continuous popularity and overuse of Toshiba hard drive, one can’t ignore the occurrence of data loss.

This blog post will explain all the major data loss reasons on Toshiba Canvio drive, prevention tips and how to perform data recovery from Canvio HD.

Major Causes of Data Loss on Toshiba Canvio Hard Disk:

Although, Toshiba Canvio hard drive are highly spoken of, data loss can encounter at any point of time during their regular use. Some of the major data loss reasons in both external as well as internal Toshiba Canvio drive are discussed below:-

  1. Accidental file deletion by pressing the shift + delete keys from the Mac keyboard: This happens with many macOS users when they accidentally press the Shift+ Delete keys and later face the data loss problems.
  2. Canvio hard drives corruption due to virus or malware: Sometimes malware or virus attack can also result in the file loss situations on the external or internal Canvio HD.
  3. Toshiba drive formatted accidentally: Wrongly erasing a Toshiba disk can loose all stored files instantly.
  4. Unexpected system shutdown or application failure: An Unexpected system or failure of a specific software or application inside the Mac is another common reason for the data loss.
  5. Hard drive file structures are damaged or deleted: Deleted or damaged hard drive file structures can also result in the data loss on Toshiba drive.
  6. Power Failure: Power failures is another common reason for the data loss on Toshiba HD.
  7. Improper handling of Mac: Improper handling of Mac machine can also become the main culprit of file loss from Toshiba Canvio.

If you are facing any of the above-discussed Toshiba hard drive data recovery problems, please do not be panic and do not do anything on the drive. It is because there is always a data recovery probability until and unless you have not written any new piece of information on Toshiba Canvio hard drive.

Using the help of some 3rd party Toshiba drive recovery software, you can easily retrieve all the deleted or lost files and reuse them. It includes all the hard disk models like X-300, P-300, and E-300 Toshiba hard drive.

Note: If the Toshiba Canvio hard drive is severely damaged or corrupted, then the best possible solution is to take the help of a data recovery company.

A solution of Data Recovery from Toshiba Canvio Hard Drive:

Here is what we recommended to all those users who wants to recovers their deleted Video, Audio, PDF, Excel, Word, PPT, Image files etc. from the Toshiba hard drive: – Toshiba Canvio Hard Drive Recovery Software– Stellar Data Recovery for Mac Software. It is one of the most sophisticated Mac hard drive data recovery software that provides plenty of useful features along with recovering the deleted files from the storage device. Some of the important features provided by Stellar Mac Data Recovery Tool are:

  1. Perform deleted recovery from external Toshiba Canvio hard drive
  2. Recovers deleted pictures, PDF files, audio files, and other text files from the un-mounted Mac partition or volume
  3. Provides Time Machine Recovery, Photo Recovery, Deleted Partition recovery like additional features.

Important Note: Please stop using your Toshiba Canvio hard drive, once you face the data loss problem. This will increases the chance of data recovery from Toshiba Canvio hard drive.

Author Note: Please share your thoughts about this article on “How to perform data recovery from Toshiba Canvio hard drive” on Mac. If you face any difficulty while using the Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac Software, then please contact the Stellar technical support team or feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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