iPhone Voice Memos Disappeared? How to Recover.

Summary: This article will share some useful tricks to recover deleted voice memos from an iPhone. You can use Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone and iTunes/iCloud backups to restore your disappeared voice memos.

In iPhone, Voice Memo application is use to recover favourite songs, our significant life events, as well as for recording the voice. However, there occur given situation when some of the most important voice memos get deleted or lost from the iPhone memory. The most common reasons responsible for the voice memos are below:

  1. Cleaning up the iPhone storage
  2. Updating iOS to latest version
  3. Malware or virus attack on iPhone
  4. Accidentally formatting the iPhone, much more

Now, if you are facing voice memos loss on your iPhone and want to recover the deleted voice memos, then there are two solutions.

  • Restore voice memos from iCloud or iTunes backup
  • Recover deleted/lost voice memos using iPhone data recovery software

Steps to find the Voice Memos on macOS

You can easily find all the previously saved voice memos in your Mac OS computer at the following paths:

Macintosh HD > Users > (username) > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Voice Memos

Restore iPhone Voice Memos from iCloud or iTunes

All the iPhone user recorded voice memos are automatically stored on iCloud and iTunes daily. Therefore, if you have previously backed up your iPhone data on the iCloud or iTunes after creating voice memos, and before deleting them, you have still a better chance to get all the voice memos back to your iPhone. However, there is a downside of using this method.

If you get back your voice memos stored on iCloud/iTunes then, you may erase all the pre-existed data on iPhone. At the same time, the iPhone data and setting will be overwritten by the backup contents after restoring via iTunes/iCloud. Therefore, in this guide, we will provide you with another easy method to retrieve lost voice memos from iPhone.

 Recover Disappeared Voice Memos from iPhone

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone Software is a reliable data recovery software to recover the lost or deleted iPhone voice memos. The iPhone recovery application uses the advanced-level data recovery algorithm, which scans through the entire iPhone memory and retrieves all the voice memos. An iPhone user can also recover the deleted iOS files – Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and History, etc. from the storage memory.

You can use this software to recover the lost/deleted voice memos on iPhone by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step by step, guide to restore the voice memos using Stellar Phoenix iPhone Data Recovery Software

  1. Launch ‘Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone’ software. The main screen of this iPhone data recovery software will be displayed.Software Interface
  2. In the 2ndstep, you need to Click on the ‘Recover from iPhone’ option from the main screen of this data recovery software.
  3. The software will analyse the complete iPhone system and lists all the recoverable voice memos as shown below (See the last selected checkbox)Voice memos
  4. From there, you can choose the desired voice memos and recover it quite quickly.
  5. Now, save your recovered voice memos to a suitable place of your choice.

Summary: Recovering the deleted or disappeared iPhone voice memos is quite easy using the help of software mentioned above and its steps. Meanwhile, if you face any complications during any of the above steps, then feel free to contact us through the comment box.

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