MacBook Pro Hard Drive Failure – Data Recovery Solution


This blog caters the need for data recovery on a failed MacBook Pro hard drive storage device. We share the solution and related scenarios for your help.


Below are valid points w.r.t. Data recovery on MacBook Pro with Failed Hard Drive:

  1. Call us at 877-778-6087 or drop an email at support[AT]stellarinfo[DOT]com
  2. Our Technical support team will help you register the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software
  3. The Team will also share with you the link of bootable disk image file so that you can perform data recovery on your failed MacBook Pro.
  4. On a sound Mac system, you can use the bootable disk image to create a rescue media that will recover data from failed MacBook Pro hard drive.
  5. Otherwise, order the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery (Box+CD) and use a CD/DVD writer to insert the rescue CD to boot up failed MacBook Pro. After it boots, you can navigate to the software and target the MacBook Pro failed hard drive for data recovery.
  6. From the MacBook Pro data recovery software, you can run RAW Recovery, Advance Scan, Partition Recovery (HFS/NTFS/FAT/EXFAT) and Trash Recovery. Use another external hard drive having the size greater than your failed MacBook Pro hard disk for saving the recovered data.
  7. Replace MacBook Pro’s failing hard drive with a new HDD/ SSD and copy the ROOT folder (recovered data) to your new internal hard drive.

MacBook Pro Hard Drive Failure – More Info

How can you identify a near-failure on MacBook Pro hard drive? Check if,

  • MacBook Pro hard drive producing strange clicking, ticking and buzzing sound
  • MBP hard drive freezing more than often
  • Applications on MacBook Pro crashing, freezing for no standard reason
  • Disk Utility fails to verify the MacBook Pro’s hard drive volume (file structure) and asks you to backup as much data as possible
  • Your MacBook Pro hard drive’s temperature fluctuates to an extent where it becomes too hot
  • Failing to clone or backup your MacBook Pro hard drive because of corruption/damages
  • Unable to perform macOS update on a MacBook Pro hard drive

Manual Tricks to Recover Failed MacBook Hard Drive

  1. Attempt to clone or image the MacBook Pro hard drive. If Disk Utility can, then go for it otherwise try imaging or cloning the failed MacBook Pro hard drive with a third-party tool.
  2. If clone or image gets done successfully then use another computer (even a Windows system) to overview your contained data. On a Windows PC, you can install HFS Explorer utility to view your files and folders.
  3. Other than clone and disk imaging there is a method that works at times. You need to purchase a hard drive enclosure so that you can safely place the failed internal MacBook Pro hard drive. This process can bring up your MacBook hard drive to work though the success rate is 50-50. However, it has worked.

Do not Freeze

While looking for free solutions to recover failed MacBook Pro hard drive you might come across ‘hard drive freezer trick‘. Unfortunately, the hard drive freezing method doesn’t work anymore. For those who do not know about it, read the below summary:

  1. Safely plug-out your failed hard drive from MacBook Pro (any computer)
  2. Arrange an air-tight waterproof pack and wrap it around the failed HDD. Make sure there is no such gap, holes that allow air to penetrate
  3.  Put the package containing the hard drive into the freezer for some hours.
  4. Take out the frozen MacBook Pro HDD and try connecting it to a system
  5. If luck works, the failed hard drive might come to life.

But the bottom line is that it doesn’t work now and attempting to freeze your failed MacBook Pro hard drive isn’t a good idea. Instead, call up the data recovery experts on the above phone number or drop us an email.


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