Mac Data Recovery on OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) – 3 Steps

Summary – Perform Mac data recovery of deleted files, lost partitions, Time Machine, formatted hard drive and external USB hard drives on OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.

Did you encounter catastrophic data loss on your Mac’s big cat OS X called the ‘Snow Leopard 10.6’? That accidental file deletion (empty trash), the regretful feeling of erasing a hard drive accidentally and the worse – losing Time Machine backup. All these cases are the worse listed scenarios of data loss on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. (Let us know if we missed out a rampant data loss factor on OS X Snow Leopard).

Mac Data Recovery (Snow Leopard)

#1 On a Booting Mac

The objective is to recover deleted files which were trash emptied and had no backup. Also, recovery of a formatted external hard drive (internal partitions), deleted volumes, corrupt Time Machine external hard drive, etc. is possible with the proximity of the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. Here is how Mac data recovery on Snow Leopard with mentioned software is performed:

1) Select Your Snow Leopard (Macintosh HD) hard drive

2) Select either – a deep scan (advance recovery), deleted recovery, raw recovery, lost partition recovery to full scan the Snow Leopard hard drive

3) After scan stops, you can preview and recover all the files which earlier were lost, deleted, formatted from the startup disk, external hard drive or Time Machine media.

#2 When Mac isn’t Booting

Mac data recovery from a booting Snow Leopard 10.6 is very simple and require no expertise to perform. However, in the case of a non-booting OS X Snow Leopard hard drive you to need to start up your Mac with a Rescue CD and then perform the recovery steps as mentioned in Case #1.

Note: Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is available with a Rescue CD to boot up a non-booting Mac hard drive running OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or later versions.

Once the Mac is made to boot with the Rescue CD, you can perform Mac data recovery of all lost/deleted/inaccessible files from the Snow Leopard hard disk drive.

Important BenefitsA Summary

The software mentioned above provides a bunch of advantages recovering Mac data on Snow Leopard system.

  1. Restore deleted files
  2. Restores files from recovered volumes
  3. Restores data from HFS, NTFS, exFAT and FAT
  4. Recovers photo, audio, video and data from corrupt storages
  5. Supports data recovery from Apple’s default backup features (Time Machine and Time Capsule)
  6. Recovers deleted files from an encrypted hard drive (P.S. – not when you have lost the password to unlock the encryption)
  7. Smartly makes backup of your important Mac hard drives
  8. Recovers deleted files from BootCamp partition (Windows C drive) viii) Recovers inaccessible data from a Compact Disc, Digital Video Disc and Blu-Ray (i.e. CD, DVD and BD)

Visit Knowledge Base Section to understand detailed (and specific) Mac data recovery processes in varying environments.

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