How to repair a corrupt & unmounting pen drive on Mac?

Here is what to do when a pen drive fails to mount or appears as a corrupt media into Mac. The comprehensive post provides both manual and software directed approach to repair corrupt pen drive on a Mac.

When a pen drive is plugged into Mac, desktop shows the same with great ease.  In case, if desktop does not display, go to Devices, select Finder and view your pen drive under ‘Device’.  However, few scenarios are where pen drive fails to mount or behaves abrupt (like in corruption). In such situation, keep a tab on the below-stated comprehensive guide to hopefully repair a corrupt & unmounting pen drive on Mac.

Repairing a Corrupt Pen Drive on Mac

The process to repair a corrupt thumb drive on Mac includes Built-in Utilities and third-party software-oriented approach.  Depending on the need, select a right avenue to fix a corrupt pen drive.

Solutions to Fix are:

Manual- Directed Software-Oriented
Through Disk Utility program Disk Repair Tools
Format Drive

Manual Methods:

  1. Through Disk Utility

The first and foremost fix method to take into account is to count on built-in utility. Here is how Disk Utility Program aids in repairing corrupt Pen drive.

Steps included:

  • Plug in Pen Drive
  • Launch Disk Utility
  • Select USB flash / Pen drive
  • Click First Aid
  • Hit Run
  1. PRAM Fix

This troubleshoot require PRAM retuning. Steps to retune are:

  • Shut down the Mac
  • Press Power button
  • During System start, hold Command + Option and P+ R
  • On booting, release the buttons
  1. Format Drive

In comparison to afore-stated methods, this approach is more likely to fix the issue. However, point to take into account is format erases all the data.  (Suggestion: Proceed only when there is a backup)

Steps included:

  • Connect the Pen Drive
  • Go to Disk Utility
  • Choose the Pen Drive
  • Click Erase

Note: Erasing the pen drive via Disk Utility will create a new partition map and volume directory. Hence, corruptions and errors related to previous partition map or directory will be resolved.

Software Method:

  • Third-party Disk Repair tool

Software-directed, this approach is inclusively more secure. One such helpful tool that ensures data integrity is Stellar Volume Repair. With this, an array of HFS disk errors are easy to maintain. Professional pen drive repair tool helps in mitigating damaged directory or volume errors without any compromise in a fast turnaround time. This third-party software works as smooth as operating a built-in Mac application. In just three simple steps, a corrupt or unmount pen drive becomes functional.

3 Simplified steps are:

  • Connect the Pen Drive
  • Select the Pen Drive
  • Repair/Rebuild the Pen Drive

Points to Ponder

  • Signs where Pen Drive Behaves Corrupt or Disappears

Several signs are where Pen Drive behaves corrupt or disappears and becomes inaccessible. Few common signs are:

  • When Pen Drive fails to open files
  • When Pen Drive shows files as damaged files
  • When Mac fails to recognize the Pen drive
  • When Mac fails to open the Pen Drive
  • When Mac asks for Format during access
  • When Pen Drive shows files as shortcuts
  • When Pen Drive displays unknown files with weird names

Factors that make Pen Drive Faulty

  • Virus attack
  • Unsafe Ejection
  • Malware infection
  • Faulty Firmware
  • Damaged USB Header
  • Pen Drive Partitioning Failure

In Summation

Pen Drives are pretty reliable storage devices on Mac. However, an unlikely event can put you into the cumbersome situation. Thus, having detailed information about how to repair a corrupt Pen Drive is a must. This will not only help to fix the solution quickly without making a hole in the pocket. The choice is yours—a little pain now or multiple issues in future. All the best!